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It all started with a cornfield and a common vision of a vertically-integrated egg products solution, managing the entire process from grain to finished product. This vision led Rembrandt Foods to become a leading egg ingredient producer in the United States, with global distribution. We supply egg ingredients to food manufacturers, brand owners, foodservice industries, and pet care manufacturers. Our expertise touches virtually every food category, including: mayonnaise and sauces, baked goods, confections, pasta and noodles, nutritional beverages and bars, and prepared foods. 

House Person - CF Linn Grove

Job Summary:
Responsible for: overall care of birds in respective layer house.  Maintain feed, water and temperatures.  Operate and clean manure belt scrapers, monitor egg jams and use air hose to clean building.  Clean egg trays, general maintenance and housekeeping duties.  Assist Technician gathering live birds, eggs and mortality.  Record data including but not limited to: daily temperatures, feed and water usage. 

Duties and Responsibilities:  
Responsible for overall care of birds: feed, temperatures, water, lighting                                                                                         
Run feed systems                                                    
Pick up and record daily mortality                                                                                          
Perform the AMVA approved method of euthanization that is clearly explained and defined in our policy
Clean egg trays                                                                                                                                      
Operate and clean manure belt scrapers                                                                                              
Monitor egg belts and elevators for egg jams                                                                                       
Record daily temperatures, feed usage, water usage                                                                           
Use air hoses to clean buildings                                                                                                            
Clean, sweep and perform other housekeeping requirements                                                             
Assist Technician  gathering live birds, eggs and mortality                                                                  
Flush water lines routinely                                                                                                                     
Follow all OSHA safety regulations and procedures                                                                             
Take appropriate action to ensure the integrity and sustained certification of the SQF system.
Responsible for reporting and taking any necessary action to prevent food safety and food quality problems from occurring.
Responsible for following and enforcing procedures outlined in the Food Safety Plan and the Food Quality Plan and any other programs that support the SQF system and other 3rd party audits.
Perform other tasks as assigned                                                                                                           
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Husbandry Skills-Maintaining proper feed, water, climate and living conditions in building                   
Shower In (REI provides clothing and footwear) 
Awareness and knowledge of surroundings in relation to climate, atmosphere and equipment        
Ability to ride custom pedal Tri-cycle                                                                                                   
Ability to physically perform the AMVA approved method of euthanization
Attention to detail                                                            
Hand/Eye/Foot Coordination  
Independent  Self Starter/Team Player                                                                          
Basic English:  communicate for job and safety issues                                                                        
Mathematical Skills:  Basic Arithmetic, count, add and subtract
Fine Motor Skills
Computer Skills: Touch Screens

Helmets/Hearing protection/ Safety glasses/Respirator mask
Custom pedal tri-cycle
Hand tools/ Utility cart
Large push broom, kitchen pull broom/Squeegee, floor mop/ High pressure wand

Universal Expectations:
Follow all Bio-Security and Safety Procedures
Ensure that all care is provided with respect to customer, client and co-workers’ rights
Ensure a safe and clean work environment
Maintain confidentiality
Humane Treatment of Birds at all times
Adhere to work schedules in completing and performing assigned tasks
A trained designee will be appointed by plant management to cover for absences or vacancies

EEO/AA and Drug Free Employer