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Farm Nutrients was founded in 2003 to provide nutrient management for the newly formed Rembrandt Enterprises. We began supplying the poultry litter by-product from the Rembrandt egg production facility to local corn and soybean growers in the Rembrandt, Iowa area. In 2004, Farm Nutrients acquired specialized spreading equipment and hired trained operators to provide growers with exceptional litter application.

Agronomy Sales Manager

The Farm Nutrients Sales Manager position is responsible for driving sales of agronomy products and services for Farm Nutrients.  Products include poultry litter, crop protection chemistry, UAN, seed, and any other products and services that will positively benefit Farm Nutrients margin generation. Services include the offerings of Farm Nutrients agronomy center including chemical application, Nitrogen modeling, soil sampling, and litter application.  The Sales Manager will provide aggressive sales targets and be responsible for margin generation through the sale of Farm Nutrients’ product and services.  This position will work to provide best pricing from vendors and build sales programs for sales staff.  Sales Manager will work with Farm Nutrients Management Team and all sales staff to create and fulfill sales goals. This position will also be responsible for Non-Ag Center Key Accounts sales and customer service. This position requires expertise in agronomy, sales training, and development of sales staff. The Farm Nutrients Sales Manager leads a group of Agronomy sales people and will coordinate closely with Operations to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Staff Development  (People) – Manages a staff of approximately 15 sales team members:


    • Creates an atmosphere of trust where employees and stakeholders are treated as though they are sincere, competent, open, and reliable
    • Align F/N Culture to REI culture that lives our values (BASICS), aligns to our People, Products, Profitability, and Planet (4P’s) that best support our mission of providing opportunity and security for coworkers.

    • Ensure all employees have accurate job descriptions and annual goals that are relevant, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

    • Establishes and monitors sales staff performance and development, assigns objectives, establishes priorities, conducts annual performance appraisals, and administers salary adjustments as required
    • Provides daily direction, feedback and follow-up with thorough regular interactions and meetings with the sales staff.
    • Ensure sales staff have access to the equipment and information necessary to effectively and efficiently accomplish tasks assigned.
    • Ensures sales team presents a professional and competent image to its employees and stakeholders.


  • Product Development and Sales (Products)


    • Maintain a  complete and up to date listing of all F/N product and service offerings
    • Create ongoing process to identify those products and services that provide F/N to “Win” in the markets it serves. This will be accomplished through the integration of relevant ( current, accurate and complete) data from the following disciplines:
      • Sales
      • Operations
      • Finance
    • Builds programs for sales staff to effectively market to customers and increase acre share of Farm Nutrients products and services capitalizing on those products identified as areas we have a right to “win”.
    • Coordinates with customers to understand needs and develops programs with sales staff to fulfill those needs
    • Coordinates with Operations to effectively meet the needs of customers
    • Participate in frequent sales calls in order to receive direct customer feedback on the effectiveness of our product offerings.


  • Sustainability (Planet)


    • Ensure FN is up to date and compliant with all known environmental laws

    • Participates and continues to develop industry partnerships that focus and influence sustainability

    • Coordinates and develops data collection on Nitrogen management and research trials focusing on sustainability

    • Coordinates in-house test plots that support Farm Nutrients core business as it relates to sustainability and optimizing crop performance


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • 3-5 years of management experience

  • 5-8 years’ experience in agronomy focusing on sales and management of agronomy products and services.

  • Knowledge of the market value differences between organic and commercial fertilizers.

  • Knowledge and understanding of key economic drivers of a successful agronomy business

  • Ability to read, understand and effectively communicate information through writing and speaking so others will understand

  • Ability to collect, analyze, compile, interpret and distribute various reports

  • Ability to determine and define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid and logical conclusions

  • Excellent public relation skills and phone etiquette

  • Leadership Skills

  • Multi-tasking and organizational skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Independent Self-Starter/Team Player

  • Mathematical Skills:  Logical/Analytical, Percentages, Fractions, Moderate Algebra

  • Computer Skills: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet

  • Advanced English:  fluent in: speaking, reading and writing

  • Essential function of the job: requires teamwork and developing strong relationships with co-workers

  • Overnight travel required.  Up to 65% pending geography




  • 2-4 year degree in Agricultural or related field

  • Knowledge of Variable Rate Application software or other crop planning software

  • Certified Crop Advisor certification

  • Office equipment: telephones, fax, copier, printers, radios